STEP 1 - Mapping

The more thoroughly the MSS examines and maps a client’s sales and marketing efforts, the better able it will be at offering a meaningful, actionable solution to his sales & marketing related needs.

STEP 2- Study & Analyze

Once we have actively and attentively asked and listened it's time to study our findings and analyze their impact on your sales & marketing efforts.

STEP 3 - Be Heard

The MSS™ methodology promotes transparency and active communication. As such, presenting the findings and analysis from step 1.2 to the client is crucial to the effectiveness of the MSS™ methodology.

STEP 4 - Propose

Fine-tuning and inclusion of your feedback into the enhancement proposal(s) are key to the MSS™ method’s effectiveness. Once all boxes are checked off, propose both short and long-term solutions and improved processes to you so as to boost your sales & marketing efforts.

STEP 5 - Implement & Execute

Implementation of the proposal and the execution of the proposed tasks is arguably the most crucial part of the MSS™ method, during which the advantage of the method comes to light and where the bulk of the work is performed.

STEP 6 - Measure

During this stage of the MSS™ method we measure our client’s post-MSS sales & marketing performance against pre-established KPI’s, as well as examine the effectiveness of his budgeting. This will allow us to identify processes, personnel, and policies that may require further tuning to support the desired performance increase.

STEP 7 - Track & Analyze

The MSS™ method is continuous and evolving. As such, it is imperative that we track our client’s sales & marketing performance in great detail so as to enhance and fine-tune it when necessary. Taking a close look at each of the steps and revisiting it promptly is also encouraged as part of the MSS method’s evolution.

Medical MSS

Medical MSS, an MSS methodology tailored to medical and health organizations is coming soon.