In an increasingly competitive and interconnected world, it’s imperative that your message is uniform throughout the various channels through which you communicate with your target audience.

A consistent, relevant, and value-adding message is paramount to your ability to capture new business, and a holistic marketing and sales approach is crucial to your success.

At LEMON, proudly owned by Remed Marcom LTD, we’ve developed the Medical sales solutions (MSS) methodology, which we’ve applied to numerous businesses that have seen their business soar to new heights.

So What’s The MSS All About? Read More Below!

Essentially, LEMON is a group that both sustains and operates a smart ecosystem of collaboration between leading organizations and professional personnel. LEMON’s vision is to enable companies and organizations to equate internal marketing (MarketIN©) with outbound marketing. We at LEMON believe that when your employees live your company values, these values, in turn, embed themselves in your products and services.

ESHED, meaning “People Who Create Paths” in Hebrew, and iLogic Internet Marketing Solutions joined forces in 2014 to establish LEMON. This collaborative effort aimed to provide comprehensive marketing and sales solutions to large organizations and influential individuals in Israel and beyond. Together, ESHED and iLogic developed the MSS Methodology, which enables them to strategize, plan, and optimize campaigns effectively. Notably, the MSS Methodology’s core strength lies in its holistic approach to marketing and sales. In 2021, the owners of Eshed and i-Logic, Ms. Lior Eshed and Mr. Netanel Malka, further expanded their business ventures by establishing Remed Marcom LTD. This new venture focuses on providing marketing communications solutions to the medical industry through the Lemon MSS Agency.

Lior Eshed, the founder of ESHED, believes that the knowledge at the base of the MSS isn’t hers nor does it belong to any single person. Rather, she works tenaciously to connect leading qualified and knowledgeable professionals with organizations in an effort to provide client-specific, world-class solutions. Over the years, the MSS methodology was applied by numerous organizations and key executives who consider it the driving force behind their personal and professional advancements.

Relevant Marketing

Part of what makes the MSS method thorough and refreshing is the fact it not only looks at the way you’re selling but also the way you market yourself. By completely mapping your product or service and have an essential understanding of how you operate, we at LEMON are better equipped to make recommendations that have a true impact on your business and bottom-line.

Optimized Sales

Businesses often fail to recognize the importance of selling based on proven-to-work sales protocols. Here at LEMON we closely examine your personnel, sales tactics, and protocols and sales methods, and conduct a thorough sales optimization to guarantee that your sales department is ready to turn leads into money.