Lemon MSS is a holistic marketing and sales consultancy agency specializing in the medical industry. Operating under the MSS Methodology, we provide leading medical brands with complete solutions to achieve their business goals. Lemon MSS is proudly owned by Remed Marcom LTD.

We walk hand in hand with you all the way to Medical sales solutions and are bound by strict confidentiality and an ethical code of conduct.

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Lack Of Marketing And Sales Integration

Companies generally leave marketing and sales out of their vision and operations. Many choose to outsource or bring outside consultants and therefore detach these critical operations from the core of the company.

In House Marketing And Sales? Feasible!

Most companies can afford a marketing manager, yet fail to hire one due to the unfounded fear of having to hire a ‘marketing team’ / ‘marketing department’ as well as the presumed associated costs. Moreover, many companies invest in marketing without understanding, measuring and tracking its true return

A Known Market Pain

There aren’t many companies that offer end-to-end marketing and sales solutions that assume full responsibility for the sales and marketing processes and methods they put in place.


LEMON assembles and tailors a professional team and methodology to each client. We specialize in the Implementation of workflows and methodologies wherein the employee is the business’s first (and most important) customer


Expert development of methodologies and workflows that include strategy, sales processes, sales rep’ commission planning, consulting, optimization, and marketing performance tracking


An array of marketing and sales solutions that are client-specific and end-to-end where LEMON is the client’s sole contact point


The MSS founders bring 15 of experience and a wealth of hard-earned and tested marketing and sales knowledge

The MSS methodology optimizes each step of the Sales and Marketing processes based on research and relevant, value-adding KPIs. The method’s 7 steps are designed to provide the auditor with tools and guides to study, analyze, and affect positive change that will benefit the business subject. Transparency, measurability, and efficiency are the MSS™ method’s biggest strengths.

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