1 in every 5 Google searches is a voice search. 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if it takes too long to load. Mobile sessions accounted for 59% of all sessions by the device on eCommerce sites, but these mobile browsers made up just 38% of revenue (Source). The digital, connected world we live in today offers managers a plethora of products and services aimed at analyzing, enhancing, and controlling their digital assets, brand, and resources. Such rapid, often disruptive tempo can disorient even the most professional of managers, and timely foresight – or the ability to determine where the world of marketing and sales is headed – is key to growth and sustained viability.

To support such growth and sustainability, the MSS™ method examines, maps, and optimizes the business’s sales and marketing operations and helps perfect the manner in which it competes in the market.
The method sets itself apart from other methodologies currently at the disposal of managers by promoting an active observation and assessment of the subject firm’s marketing and sales efforts – namely lead management and brand solidarity and consistency – and assumption of responsibility for the subsequent plan of action.

In today’s world, cognitive dissonance augments the perceptions customers have of brands and often creates a gap between how the manager, the employees, and the customers perceive and relate to the brand. The rise of online advertising and its rapid embeddedness in the digital world have also adversely contributed to a colloquial ‘ad blindness’ many online users have developed. Such a dissonance must be bridged so as to enable the brand manager to truly own his brand and assume control over its performance and journey.

The MSS™ method’s “measure twice, cut once” approach of thorough analysis and observation uniquely positions those who apply it in a place from which to effect positive change. Where other methods produce valid observation-based reports, the MSS™ method requires both research, accountability, and executable results.