Taking your IT department
to the next level

The true role of data systems is to serve as a vessel that contains the accumulated work processes of marketing, sales, and service departments (including in-house support functions): starting at the help desk and ending in the core of the organization’s activities, such as end customer sales or services.

The level of service provided to internal customers can often determine an organization’s reputation as an employer, its sales output, and the level of service it provides- this has a critical impact on all KPIs and on perceptions of the organization (internally and externally)

What we do?

Just like in the MSS methodology, we start with an in-depth assessment:


examining daily work and managerial routines, technological and digital tools, and existing work processes to seamlessly connect the dots in order to fully grasp the encompassing internal matrix of operations and infrastructure.


honing the needs, strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for each project, characterizing the client’s needs while taking into account future developments in our swiftly evolving digital world.


developing a strategy and service methodology, formulating values, a mission, a vision, and concrete KPIs, building Gant charts and a detailed work plan- including a timetable, setting a budget, and characterizing the requirements from suppliers. 


preparing and managing the project from end to end by working with suppliers and customers, closely monitoring task progress, and forming work teams: ensuring that deadlines are adhered to while also meeting the quality and scope of work expectations.

Supervision and control

Like everything else we do, all aspects are transparent and measurable in real-time - by hiring us to oversee a project, you gain the ability to enter our digital project management space and benefit from multiple reports that reflect the progress of every task at each stage of each project, including the involved parties, status, and deadline. Each supplier at every project will have clear metrics for each mission, with the flexibility to enact small changes in real-time as needed to avoid delays.